Sunday, 4 December 2011

School holiday.. boring2..

Salam.. dah lama dah maz tak update blog, kan ? Asyik2 tengok entry yang sama je.. Boring gak kan ? huahua..
Cuba korang tengok tajuk entry kali nie , school is oveerr !! Kwang3.. Orang lain dah lama post pasal entry ni tapi aku baru nak update pasal nie.. Biar la, ni kan blog aku , ikut suka aku la nak update hapa pun kan..

Perasaan aku bila school is over ? As student , of course lah happy , student mana yang tak suka scholl holiday kan kan kan. Free from any homework yang bertimbun timbun , free from any class lesson , and free from any teacher's nagging . Hooray ! sorry ckgu#  But the most sad part is when it comes to the next year , we will lost our beloved senior . They will leave us to start their new life out there and we will be the next kakak sulong in the school next year .. Huwaa !! Aku taknak ! Disebabkan kitaorang dah terbiasa dah jadi adik adik , diri ini tak sanggup dah nk jadi kakak.. Well , everyone know kan bila dah jadi kakak nie , everything needs to be control and nice in front of them. Bukan senang nak jadi senior ni kan ? haha ..
So, for all abang abang and kakak kakak yang tengah berjuang sekarang ni , wish you all the best in SPM . Insyaallah 11A+ will be yours . The worst thing is , I'm not ready to be one of SPM 's victim next year . Oh , no ! Help me ! And for sure , we will need to stay up till morning , need to give exteremly focus in the class , no more fishing in the class lesson , need to be more hardworking and everything that all SPM's victinm need to do. huhh , letih#
we will miss you , sis!

So once again , sedihh la pulak#  to all our senior in this year , all the memories that we had done together will be one of my sweetest collection memories in my entire life . Very happy to be with all of you . ignore my broken english#  although sometimes we had done maybe a little mistakes to you all. Forgive us . Wish we can meet again and to have great memory again together .. So sad kan ? And aku rasa aku akhiri entry kali ini dengan bait bait lagu english sikit.

When you're gone , the pieces of my heart are missing you .
When you're gone , blablabala.. tak ingat daa . WE WILL MISS YOU .

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